newsletter n°38

November 2019

Many new events will certainly make 2019-20 a significant moment in Richez_Associés history:

Richez_Associés events

Pierre Champenois, and his CHAMPENOIS ARCHITECTES team, have now joined Richez_Associés. After being in partnership with the late Christian Hauvette, then practicing on his own, Pierre is now a partner in the group. He brings his project experience of the judicial world (Caen, Tours and Coutances courthouse, prison projects,...), his clear vision and architectural precision, his interest in urban scale... and his enthusiasm!
Vincent Roux embarks on Richez_Associés adventure as our general manager. Familiar with the architecture field since he previously managed the Ricardo Bofill and Christian de Portzamparc practices, he completes our organisation taking charge of our support activities management. Vincent will enable the operational partners (Thomas Richez, Vincent Cottet, Pierre Champenois) to devote almost all of their time to managing our projects, and go on making them as always more relevant, more innovative and more creative.
Lise Mesquida (ICN Business School Nancy/Masters Sciences Po), after a fructuous experience at Intencité as retail estate consultant, takes up the challenge to market the Cities and Territories commissions that we love so much! You will most certainly get to meet her soon...

Richez Associes - Richez_Associés events

Meanwhile, a new extension of our offices is planned, still at the same address - 2 rue de la Roquette... Planted last year with the good care of our expert and diligent landscape architects, the Cour de Février will soon be ours!
The website and the letter you have before you complement our LinkedIn profile and Instagram account. Hooked on social networks… check them out! 

By the way, we have crossed the threshold of 100 employees. To celebrate this event and according to our firmly established tradition, all (almost) attended a memorable in-house seminar in Copenhagen. Architecture, new districts, the subway - of course, beers and herrings - obviously, with an intensive climbing course on the 50m high steel frame of an industrial hangar all included. 

Rest assured, at the same time, yes! yes! many projects are in progress and engage us diligently - overview below!

Richez Associes -

Our design competitions gallery

On the table, a beautiful range of projects are being designed. Off the cuff without any illustrations - fair competition and anonymity oblige: Montargis - the transformation of barracks into an eco-neighbourhood including a landmark convention centre and urban forest //Devenir Tours - with Nexity, housing and a multi-purpose park and ride //Grenoble - cable car connecting with three tram lines //Annecy, a lakeside car park and garden// /Carrières-sur-Seine - with Laps Architecture, extension of high school //Nîmes - design and build with Vinci, new prison buildings //Castanet-Toulousan - eco-district overlooking the Canal du Midi //Ivry – LNC developper, 17-storey housing block/ /Doha - with Patrick Blanc, 4 urban parks extensively planted in a city with finally a clement climate, more than 6 months per year //Toulon with James Corner (New York highline) - harbour master plan.
Details an illustrations will appear in our next letter issue !

2 results recently released:

• Orléans – Prison Release Support Structure

The Ministry of Justice property department, APIJ declared CHAMPENOIS ARCHITECTES winner of the SAS d’Orléans project. With contractor Bouygues and consultant Berim, this design and build project for a new penitentiary programme to provide detainees, during the last months of their sentence intensive professional training, assistance to find accommodation, contacts with rehabilitation organisations, etc.

• Palais Fontette, Caen

After a project presentation to city council September 23rd, the Ville de Caen declared us winners of the design and development competition to  convert the former Palais de Justice, Palais Fontette. powerful neoclassical building built from 1781 yet abandoned since 2015 -  Pierre Champenois has designed its successor!
Palais Fontette will be regenerated with 63€ million investment - 160-bedroom 4-star hotel, restaurants, brasserie and 500-seat convention centre.
Investir Immobilier Normandie (Sogeprom Group) property developer with Luminare investor undertake the project on leased land. Working in association with Equipage-Architecture, Lefèvre ACMH, Architecture & Technique and Egis, delivery is expected in 2023, but in the meantime the project will be presented by the mayor in SIMI event, on 12th December 11 am.

Richez Associes - Our design competitions gallery

Timber construction...

In Bessancourt, the eco-district of Meuniers, we masterplan for Grand Paris Aménagement, our first 100% timber construction project has just commenced on site: between walnut trees and carefully preserved oaks, 60 timber façade flats and 20 timber structure houses including 10 passive energy units. A project to be soon followed by others: at a time of energy and bioclimatic environmental transition, E + C- label and bio sourcing are the new quality standard – we’ll be back on this!

Richez Associes - Timber construction...