newsletter n°40

December 2020

Covid, export and consultation

This last semester 2020 Richez_Associés newsletter obviously includes the lockdown, round 2. A technical sideline - our home working methods setup during round 1, running even more smoothly with a dose of recently authorised face-to-face contacts, have of course helped and the prospects of a vaccine now shines at the end of the tunnel. Worry perhaps, weariness certainly crossed our minds when everything seemed to start again and, for no reason to stop abruptly from one day to the next - but the whole team is doing well and the daily Covid newsletter from Jean, our crisis editor, is there to maintain our spirits high! His frontpages are eagerly awaited - you will discover some of them at the end of this newsletter ...
Meanwhile some recently announced results in France as well as abroad, you will see that riverbank and coastline projects are predominant - a twofold invitation to travel afar, or within a radius of 20 km are once again possible.
And somewhat surprisingly, public consultation became part our work and studies. A common practice today to better understand local expectations and ensure that projects will be accepted. Acquired during operations in Mauguio, La Défense, Aulnay-sous-Bois, Le Havre and Choisy-le-Roi, Richez_Associés now has an expertise in public involvement in the making of the city.
Devised as a dialogue with the AHTTEP/AUSSER laboratory in Paris La Villette, the “La ville en partage” exhibition at the Val de Bièvre eco-museum illustrates the Richez_Associés project undertaken by Vincent Cottet on the 1970s Navigateurs estate in Choisy - to be discovered in January… Covid permitting !

Richez Associes - Covid, export and consultation

competitions and tender calls

The stop/go municipal elections delayed several commissions. Many of the competitions and tender calls mentioned in our previous newsletters thus remain unattributed such as the Devenir Tours call for projects with Nexity, the Jean-Jaurès transport hub site and our proposal for the Toulon harbour master plan
with James Corner… Of course, added to this list are a few projects currently being adjudicated within the statutory timeline, such as the Esplanade de la Défense sequence layout also in association with James Corner, the maintenance facility and marshalling yard of the 3rd metro line in Toulouse delivered in September,
in association with Séquences and others…
Several encouraging results, often coastal ones in France and elsewhere, were announced this semester :

Castanet-Tolosan. Our consortium, led by Angelotti, in partnership with Franck Boutté Consultants, was awarded a development concession for an eco-district overlooking the Canal du Midi. On the agenda this winter - consultations with the newly elected municipal team to define the project to be carried out during their term of office..

Dakar. In partnership with Setec, development of the Aéroville master plan, a 60ha development surrounding the new Blaise Daigne airport.

Brussels. A 5.5km tramway project to serve the Neder-Over-Heembeek neighbourhood - known as NOH to the initiated and Brussels residents. It will be a pleasure to work again with STIB, the Belgian capital region operator for whom we studied the access to the Midi Station in 2010.

• Saint-Malo marina extension on the exceptionally beautiful Anse des Sablons site

• Rio Bay with FASEP AFD funding, under the leadership of Etienne Lhomet and DVDH, a feasibility study for a 12km tramway in the Niteroi residential township. Postcards will be sent on request !

Richez Associes -

• Hauts de Seine 3km redevelopment of the RD7 highway - along this road that lines the Seine, heavily used in the old days, on the programme, more spaces for pedestrians and bicycles, heritage upgrading of viaducts, Place Georges Clémenceau, Sully barracks, future Grand Siècle museum ... and, of course, riverbank replanting.

Richez Associes -

and construction sites

After a career at Pargade, SCAU, Arep, and Egis-Bâtiment in France and abroad, Pierre-Emmanuel Grandfils architect specialised in construction management joined us to develop our construction management services, Richez_Associés Management.
Initial operations - housing projects under construction in Bessancourt, Laval and Montpellier, the metro on the Lilas Town Hall line 11 extension in Rosny-sous-Bois and our two Grand Paris Express stations - not to forget, the major construction site of the L15 Champigny Maintenance Depot (145M € delivery 2023), the 80,000m² Grand Marché of Bouaké - the Ivory Coast is proud to accommodate the largest retail market in West Africa and for Icade, 81 housing units in Villepinte with external panoramic staircases, brick cladding and timber capping structure. Our services on these two projects - primary consultant for construction management, approvals and at Villepinte management of construction undertaken by separate subcontractors...

Richez Associes - and construction sites

Covid newsletter frontpages

As promised :
Here are the most striking frontpages from our practice Covid newsletter. Suffice to please and stimulate every miserable morning of Richez_Associés employees during lockdown. Right ?

Richez Associes - Covid newsletter frontpages